"Hello, I'm Konstantinos.
I'm a Skilled Programmer and Coding Enthusiast."

About me

"Passion for engineering and programming projects!"

"A Journey in Code & Engineering"

Hello, I’m Konstantinos Lampropoulos, a Physicist specialized in Electronics, Computers, and Signal Processing. I hold a Master’s Degree in “Electronics and Information Processing” from the University of Patras, with additional Erasmus+ studies at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication. Currently, I am furthering my knowledge through courses at Harvard University, including CS50 and Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence, driven by a strong commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement.

I specialize in Python, C++ and the creation of automation devices using PLC programming with Siemens LOGO! and SIMATIC TIA Portal.  Additionally, I have experience with VHDL, MySQL, Matlab  and C, showcasing my versatility in various programming languages. Also lately i gained some experience in web developing languages CSS, Html and Javascript.What sets me apart is not just my existing skills, but also my unwavering enthusiasm to learn and adapt. I embrace every opportunity to explore new programming languages and technologies, believing that each one adds a unique dimension to problem-solving.

What I do

Programming Languages

Proficient in MySQL, Python, C/C++, Matlab, VHDL  I excel in blending precision and creativity to solve intricate challenges. Creation of automation devices using PLC programming with Siemens LOGO! and SIMATIC TIA Portal. Eagerly embracing the constant learning curve, I continuously master new programming languages, expanding my toolkit for seamless innovation in the dynamic tech landscape.

Web Development

"I have embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing my own web development company. As the founder, I lead a team in the creation of websites, primarily utilizing WordPress for its versatility and robust features. This endeavor allows me to apply my skills in web development and business management, delivering tailored solutions to clients seeking an online presence."


I am deeply involved in programming robots and PLC’s in a factory setting. Additionally, I manage projects related to camera systems, overseeing the design, setup, and programming aspects. This hands-on experience has equipped me with the skills necessary to develop and optimize processes while adhering to system design parameters. I have successfully contributed to the development of new systems by collaborating closely with the mechanical team to integrate hardware and software.


PLC Programming
Machine Learning

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Check more about the skills I obtained through my studies!

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