Work Experience


Automation Engineer in Kotronis Packaging

I specialize in constructing automation systems tailored to meet the specific needs of factories. As the head of multiple projects, I lead initiatives aimed at implementing efficient and cutting-edge automation solutions within industrial settings. My role involves overseeing the entire project lifecycle, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring that the automation systems align seamlessly with the unique requirements of each factory. My expertise lies in optimizing processes, enhancing productivity, and driving innovation through the strategic implementation of automation technologies.

Programming Camera Systems

 I manage projects related to camera systems, overseeing the design, setup, and programming aspects. This
hands-on experience has equipped me with the skills necessary to develop and optimize processes while
adhering to system design parameters

Robot Programming

Programming Robots such as Staubli and Yushin in order to Automate the production.

PLC Programming

Creation of Automation devices with PLC programming using Siemen’s LOGO! and SIMATIC TIA Portal.

I have successfully contributed to the development of new systems by collaborating closely with the
mechanical team to integrate hardware and software.


Co-founder of

Web developing company

Developing websites primarily using WordPress.

I have embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing my own web development company. As the founder, I lead a team in the creation of websites, primarily utilizing WordPress for its versatility and robust features. This endeavor allows me to apply my skills in web development and business management, delivering tailored solutions to clients seeking an online presence.”


Teaching assistant

in University of Patras


Teaching Assistant in the University of Patras at the Laboratory “COMPUTER

As a Teaching Assistant, I had the opportunity to guide undergraduate students by conducting interactive programming sessions, focusing on two essential languages, Fortran and C++. My main goal was to encourage students to think critically and creatively in solving programming challenges.


Teaching Assistant in the University of Patras at

In my role as a Teaching Assistant at the “Electronics Laboratory,” I work closely with students, professors, and fellow teaching staff to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment. My primary objective is to assist students in developing a comprehensive understanding of electronics concepts through hands-on lab sessions and practical applications.

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